July 9, 2013


iStock_000013297679Medium-300x300Here are 10 things I have learned so far in 2013:

1. Each day, each week, and each month seems to go by faster and faster. I guess this comes with getting older. I am currently 47 years of age.

2. Ministry is not easy. Ministry is messy.

3. Being on mission with Jesus will ‘cost’ you your life. Being in the center of God’s will is never easy but it is the safest place to be. Being in the centered of God’s will places you in the middle of spiritual warfare. Satan is not content with me or you being on mission with Jesus.

4. Changing a culture of a local church is not easy. It requires a lot of redundancy in saying the same thing over and over. We are three years into the journey of creating a discipleship culture.

5. Eastside, the church where I am pastor, needs to leverage both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day next year. I don’t really know of another church in our area who seeks to leverage these two special days. This past Mother’s Day we had over 650 in attendance because we brought in Dennis Swanberg as our special speaker. Plus our congregation worked really hard at inviting people to attend. In 2014, we are going to take these two special days to the next level. We are thinking about Hot Rods and Ribs as our theme for Father’s Day.

6. Continuous Improvement is never ending. A 2% improvement each week in your area of responsibility will pay huge dividends over the span of a year.

7. Discipling your family is never easy. It’s hard to watch your love one’s rebuke or ignore wise biblical teachings.

8. Moving Eastside’s Children’s Ministry downstairs, our church offices upstairs, and expanding our cafe area is going to pay huge dividends in the days ahead.

9. Online Giving is the best thing since slice bread. Eastside is receiving $20,000.00 a month in online giving (www.eastside-cc.com). It’s safe, simple, and secure. If your church is not offering online giving then I would highly recommend Vanco Services.

10. Don’t surrender summer anymore. We decided not to surrender summer this year and the attitude of everyone around Eastside is very upbeat and very positive. This past weekend (a holiday weekend) we had almost 500 in attendance. It’s okay to lower your expectations but don’t lower the presentations.

What have you learned? What is God teaching you?


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