New Sermon Series: Intimacy with God

January 11, 2011

Dear E-New Friends,
Our Heavenly Father desires to have an intimate relationship with us; a relationship in which we can be fully known with no fear of rejection. God’s intimacy with man was destroyed when sin, sorrow, and death entered the world. God has been striving to reconcile the relationship ever since.
Eastside Community Church will launch a new sermon series titled: Intimacy with God on Sunday, February 6, 2011.
Sermon Titles:
Sermon #1: Somebody Knocking at the Door
Sermon #2: Intimacy Broken
Sermon #3: The Promise of Restoration
Sermon #4: Invitation to Intimacy
Sermon #5 God’s Part
Sermon #6: Time Out
Sermon #7: The Role of Scripture
Sermon #8: Listening Skills 101
Sermon #9: Fatal Distractions
Sermon #10: Clearing out the Clutter


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