2009 Financial Re-Cap

January 4, 2010


Dear Friends,

Two Thousand and Nine has been a very unusual year in many ways with the turbulent economy, to unprecedented changes in our country, world, and galaxy. None of these events has hindered the work or the mission of the Lord. The Lord’s work is not dependent on the political flavor of the year nor is His work dependent on how the global economy is doing or not.

At Eastside Baptist our focus is to be a blessing to our church, our community, and our world. Here is a re-cap of what God has/is doing thru His people called Eastside Baptist:

Thank you for your faithfulness and your generosity. You are the best 

Baptisms in 2009: 34
Total Income: $463,822.07
               Building Fund:                 $    64,050.64
               Wed. Night Meals:          $      2,784.02
               Facility Usage:                 $       1,115.01
               Tithes:                                  $395,873.00

Total Mission Donations: $100,567.88
Total Mission Investment: $90,049.88
Mission Balance: $10,518.00 (Designated for FMSC and other efforts)

Mission Investment in 2009:

Evangelism                                                                       $4, 860.00
Upward BB & Cheerleading                                         $1,000.00
Auxona (church plant)                                                  $4,165.00
College Ministry                                                               $1,339.78
Local Assistance/Help                                                    $15,184.10
Miscellaneous                                                                    $379.55
Thanksgiving Food Baskets                                            $1,350.00
Backpack Ministry                                                           $3,199.00
Feed My Starving Children                                            $15,907.60
Hope’s Wings                                                                      $1,100.00
Compassion International                                              $9,450.00
Envelope Ministry                                                             $2,900.00
Gilman Group                                                                    $900.00
God’s Outreach Food Pantry of Mad Co                     $3,730.00
Christmas Gifts to Families                                            $1,500.00
Cooperative Program thru KY Bapt. Conv                $19,011.57
Campus Outreach                                                             $4,073.28

Mini M&M’s Fund Update for Feed My Starving Children:

Given to Date: $3,962.15


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