2011 An Opportunity for Positive Change

January 1, 2011


Dear E-News Family,

Remember the old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? Well, the truth is, just because “it” is working (whatever “it” is) does not mean “it” cannot be improved upon.

I know that I have experienced many wonderful things in 2010. I have also experienced a lot of changes in my family, in my leadership approach, and even in my personal walk with God. Even though I have experienced a lot of changes in my life, my family, and my ministry. I am still open to changing things and improving things in 2011.

What changes have you experienced in 2010? Are you open to changes in 2011? 2011 could be an opportunity for you to make some very positive changes in your walk with God and in your personal life.

Here are some examples from HB London of Focus on the Family:

CHANGE: Could your “alone” time with your Lord use some fine-tuning? Are you giving Him the “first fruits” of the morning?

CHANGE: Not to meddle in your private lives, but have you been taking care of yourself? Physically, have you had your annual check-up? Are you getting appropriate exercise?

CHANGE: Is there a person in your life, be it family or friend, that disagreement, bitterness, or misunderstanding has hindered that relationship? To begin 2011with a clean slate would be a positive change, right?

CHANGE: Have you had an opportunity to step back and look at the way you lead your self, your family, your business? What would positive change in any of these areas look like in 2011?

CHANGE: If you hold a mirror up to your life, what one characteristic (not cosmetic) might need some attention — patience, sense of humor, attitude, work ethic, compassion, problem solving, etc?

CHANGE: Do you need to make a “major” change? Like moving or changing careers? Or being honest about your lack of spirituality, or your lack of intimacy with God?

Will you be intentional about change in 2011 or will you just be reactive to whatever change comes your way?

A simple prayer regarding change for 2011:

God, grant me courage to make changes that need to be made; Patience to deal with those things that cannot or need not be change; And a heart for those I serve to help facilitate positive changes in their lives and circumstances.

I hope to see you on Sunday as we look at the message, ONE THING!

Happy New Year,

Pastor VG


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