2012 Financial & Membership Updates

December 7, 2012


Dear Friends,

A GPS assists in helping you to know where you are located plus it helps to navigate you toward your desire destination. In the Kingdom of God that is what numbers are. Numbers are only a tool to help one to define where they are and where they are headed.

The following numbers are a testimony to the goodness and the greatness of God. To Him and Him alone is the GLORY. I am grateful that God is willing to use a bunch of “knuckle heads” like you and me to advance HIS kingdom. I would like to express my gratitude and gratefulness for your generosity and your vision to reach the world for Jesus.

As of December 6, 2012:

Total Membership: 850

New Members for 2012: 71

  • Baptisms: 37
  • Other ways of joining: 34

Weekly Worship Attendance (Average since going to two worship services on Sept 9, 2012): 437


Total Giving: $727,212.03

  • Undesignated Giving: $542,724.33
  • Designated Giving: $184,487.70




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