Typical Meeting Disrupters

August 31, 2013

Everyone attends meetings. There is a love/hate relationship with meetngs. Almost everyone experiences people who disrupts the meeting which they are in. Who are these people who disrupts meetings? How do you deal with them? Here is a list that you could print and work through with your team members. Let them come up with…

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How Does A Church Create Fully Surrendered Disciples?

August 22, 2013

What is the purpose of the church? In other words, why does a church exist? It depends on whom you ask. Some sections of Christianity would make the purpose of the church about orphan care. Orphan care is not the purpose of a local church. Other sections of Christianity would argue for clean water for…

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Be The Church Weekend Details

August 20, 2013

   The Church Has Left The Building! Join the entire Eastside family for “Faith in Action Month” beginning Sunday, September 15th.  During this month the focus will be on biblical relationships, service ministry, and Christ’s heart for those in need through special small groups and worship services. Our pastor, Virgil Grant, will be teaching a…

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Upcoming Mission Opportunities

August 17, 2013

Upcoming Mission Opportunities: Eastside is looking for those with a heart for the “Great Commission”, Jesus said, “Go” and make Disciples of all nations….” MEXICO TRIP: Team members are needed for a mission trip to Mexico October 1-8. The trip will consist of a medical clinic in conjunction with a VBS, for 2 days in…

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FREE Tool for Disciple-Makers: DiscipleShapes

August 14, 2013

I recently had the privilege of meeting Mike Breen at Exponential 2013 in Orlando, Florida. After listening to two of his breakout sessions, I was convicted of the power of a system he developed called Life Shapes. Life Shapes are basic symbols that a disciple-maker can draw, and at the same time explain an important…

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Friend Day

Friend Day 2013

August 6, 2013

Dear Friends, We all have people in our lives that we desire to see in a relationship with Jesus.  If you are a Fully Surrendered Disciple then these people are on your Impact Card and you pray for them daily. Even if you haven’t taken the step to being fully surrendered, you still have these…

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Rowers Rowing Boat


August 3, 2013

  THE ART OF ALIGNMENT In the final post of this series, we are going to explore the issue of alignment. This attribute is very critical to the overall success of a disciple-maker or a local church in making disciples. Most of the differences or divisions in a local church emerge from one of these…

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August 2, 2013

REPRODUCIBLE DISCIPLESHIP PROCESS Today we continue to look at the topic, relational discipleship. In this post, we are going to explore a very often-overlooked component of making disciples – making the entire experience reproducible. The methods and the message of Jesus was a highly reproducible process. The early disciples were able to emulate Jesus’ methods. There…

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August 1, 2013

BIBLICAL FOUNDATION IS NON-NEGOTIABLE IN RELATIONAL DISCIPLESHIP We are continuing our blog entries on the five attributes of relational discipleship. So far we have explored the biblical basis of relational discipleship, intentional leadership, and relational environments . In this post, we will look at the foundational role Scripture plays in making disciples. The key to…

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