2014 Budget

December 17, 2013



Dear Eastsiders,

2013 has proven to be a great year for Eastside in so many ways. Financially the church has done okay but not as well as we should have. Moving into 2014, the decision has been made to keep the same budget for the upcoming year, $510,000.00.

2014 Budget Breakdown: 

20.9% → Missions & Ministry ($106,603)
27.3% → The Building & Utilities ($139,220)
51.5% → Payroll & Benefits ($262,259)

Missions & Ministry (20.9% of Budget = $106,603) divided as follows:

$15,650.00—Weekend Services (includes 1st Impressions, Productions, etc.)
$7,895.00—Family Life (includes Preschool, Children, and Youth Ministries)
$51,000.00—Missions (the church’s tithes)

1% = $5,100.00 for Church Planting
1% = $5,100.00 for Relational Discipleship Network
4% = $20,400.00 for KY Baptist Convention (Cooperative Program)
4% = $20,400.00 for Local Missions

$8,229.00—Small Groups, Volunteering, and Bridge Events
$15,029.00—Operations (includes Cleaning the Building, Office Supplies, Copier, etc.)

Building & Utilities (27.3% of Budget = $139,220) divided as follows:

$99,689.00—Building Payment
$39,531.00—Utilities, Building Operation (includes soap, toilet paper, mowing, etc.)

Salaries (51.5% of Budget = $262,259) divided as follows:

$244,000 – Payroll
$18,259 – Benefits

In order for us to meet our budget for 2014, we will need $9,808 weekly.

PS You can give online. You can make a one time donation or set up your online giving to reoccur weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Click here to give online.


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