How Does A Disciple Reach Spiritual Maturity?

May 30, 2014

God’s goal for a disciple is to reach full maturity and to be like Christ (Ephesians 4:14). How does a disciple get to this point? What is the process? What are the habits needed? A couple observations about spiritual maturity: It’s a choice. It’s not automatic. It’s not instant. It’s not dependent on attending church…

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Thinking Wavelength: A Way of Organizing the World

May 28, 2014

        Living the Life You Were Meant to Live excerpt from Tom Paterson Each of us is born with a built-in thinking wavelength—a way of organizing the world, tolerating change, and juggling variables.  No one way of thinking is right or better.  Thinking wavelengths seem to be distributed at random throughout our…

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Does Your Church Own ‘The Entire Enchilada?’

May 26, 2014

What do I mean by the statement, “Does your church own ‘The Entire Enchilada?’” I am making reference to the spiritual maturation process for those you are ministering to as a body of believers. I grew up as a Southern Baptist. Southern Baptist historically has ‘owned’ only one part of the spiritual maturation process, conversion.…

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Top 10 Quotes From The One-Life Solution Book by Dr. Henry Cloud

May 23, 2014

I just finished reading the book “The One-Life Solution Book: Reclaim Your Personal Life While Achieving Greater Professional Success” by Dr. Henry Cloud. I absolutely loved this book for three reasons. First, it has helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the roles of boundaries in one’s success. Second, the book has given me…

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How To Manage Your Staff Team

May 21, 2014

I am not a manager. I am a leader. Part of leading an organization requires managing your staff team. With the help of a good friend, Bruce Smith, I have been able to minimize the amount of time I invest in managing staff, while at the same time maximizing our results. Here is how we do…

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Does Your Organization Have A Strategic Direction?

May 19, 2014

For the past two years, Eastside has provided me with a “strategy” coach in order to develop a strategic direction for the church. Why? I am spiritual leader who never developed the competency of being a strategic planner. What are the results from investing in a strategic plan for Eastside? We have grown from 360…

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It’s Time To Party

May 14, 2014

I would like to invite you to attend our Ministry Celebration on Sunday, June 8th at 5:00pm. Our Ministry Celebration will be in the sanctuary, last one hour, and will be a time of celebrating what God has done in and through the life and ministry of Eastside. We will have a time of worship,…

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Winning The Mind Wars

May 12, 2014

As disciples of Jesus, our minds are under constant attack from the enemy. Why? Our enemy, Satan, wants to capture our minds and take us away from the Truth, Jesus, and His Word. Every disciple of Christ is under this attack. There is a very deliberate war being waged, but unfortunately, many Christians don’t take…

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20 Quotes From Drucker & Me by Bob Buford

May 7, 2014

I just finished reading the newly released book by Bob Buford, “Drucker & Me: What a Texas Entrepreneur Learned from the Father of Modern Management.” I really enjoyed this particular book for two reasons. First, I was able to learn more about Peter Drucker and Bob Buford. I have been exposed to these two men over…

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Fully Surrender – A Novel Concept

May 2, 2014

Is it possible for a Christ-follower to be fully surrendered? Can this spiritual level ever be reached? If it can be reached then what is the prerequisite? The real question to ask yourself is this: Are you willing to live on the divine level? This is what it means to live a fully surrendered life,…

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