5 Kinds of Authority (You Can Possess)

April 11, 2014


Neil Cole is one of my favorite authors. I love his book Organic ChurchHere is one of my learnings from Organic Church (or from Organic Leadership) that deals with different types of authorities which a leader can possess. This list can be found on pages 177-179  in his book.

5 Kinds of Authority 

  1. Positional Authority – is authority based on the place you hold in a chain of command.  This is the weakest of all authorities.  Usually graduating college students are concerned with this type of authority.
  2. Expertise Authority – is the authority you gain when you have effective experience in a specific area and others seek out your expertise.  You may be an expert and hold no actual position or title.  
  3. Relational Authority – is the authority you have because you are loved and therefore respected by those with who you are in close relationship.  Far superior than the other two.  This authority is based on who you are.
  4. Moral Authority – is authority that comes from the substantial character of your life.  People recognize the depth of your commitment and integrity.  This type of authority is very hard to gain and easy to lose.
  5. Spiritual Authority – is the authority that comes from when God speaks through you and people recognize that it is God.  The is the strongest authority that a Christ-follower can possess.  It is only concerned with God’s will.  It is the type of authority that can stand up to anybody or anything.

Your turn: What level of authority are you at with your spouse? Children? What will it take for you to go to the next level?


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