5 Reasons Why Our Family Sponsors A Child In Guatemala

June 12, 2013



(This is Rubi. There are currently 65 girls at Prince of Peace; 16 girls who have no sponsors)

I was reading another blog today that sparked me to write this post. Click here to read that post. 

Several years ago, I went on my first international mission trip to Guatemala. I spent the week at a wonderful place called Prince of Peace Home for Girls. Since my initial trip, my wife, son, and daughter have participated with me on other trips to Prince of Peace along with 50 other individuals from the church which I am currently pastor, Eastside Community Church. For a $35.00 dollars a month, we provide food, housing, education, and hope to a young girl that we have become very close with.

I know there are a lot of great opportunities to do good in the world, but here are five reasons why our family sponsors a child at Prince of Peace:

1.  It makes a difference.  Our family helps to provide food, housing, education, and hope to a young girl because of our monthly investment.

2. It’s a kingdom investment.  Each dollar I invest in others and in the work of God is a dollar that the Devil doesn’t get.

3.  It has help my children to be more sensitive to God and the activity of God. My children have requested that we spend two weeks at Prince of Peace this summer helping with teams. I am blown away that they have made this request. I am praying that God will continue to use the ministry at Prince of Peace in the lives of my children who by the way are 19 and 23. 

4.  Because I get to disciple the girls. This is my 10th trip and 4th summer going to Prince of Peace. Over the last 4 years, I have build relationships with the girls, therefore, I get an opportunity to speak into their lives.

5.  I trust them.  I’ve served on the board of directors of Prince of Peace since August 2010. I get to work up close with the team on the ground in Guatemala. All of our staff members care deeply for the girls. They are open and honest about their work and funding.

Learn more about sponsoring a girl at Prince of Peace or leading a team to serve for week by clicking on this link! 

Feel free to email me at vgrant@nulleastside-cc.com.

By the way, this is not a sponsor post. This is a ministry that we love and support dearly.


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