6 Questions To Ask Before Showing Up This Easter

April 14, 2014


Here are six practical questions I’d like to ask you before showing up on Sunday at Eastside:

1. Are you making plans to bring someone to our “Easter Egg Drop” held at Irvine-McDowell Park on Saturday, April 19th? 

We will be a major sponsor of this event. A helicopter will be dropping eggs from the sky onto the grounds of the park. Eastside will have a booth at the event. This is a great opportunity for you to introduce your friends to me. I will be at our booth for the entire event.

2. Who did you invite?

Easter is still one of the “easiest” invite Sundays to church. So who are you willing to “Take A Relational Risk” with? Don’t say “no” for them. You may be convinced that they will say “no.” Let them say it. If they say “yes” – it just might change their life.

3. Where will you park?

This Spring we have been running out of parking spaces at church. We are asking for you to park in our gravel parking lots so we can leave the prime parking spots for our guests.

4. Where will you sit?

To help with our seating, could you focus on the following two things:

a) the front row is the emptiest row in the church. Guests would hate to sit there and you probably do too, but to create room – would you consider it?

b) Any aisle seat is prime seating in church. Would you consider sitting in the middle of a long row?

5. Which service will you attend?

If you are at not bringing a guest or  you are not serving during the 9:30 AM service, you could help us out a lot by attending that 9:30 AM service to create room in the more guest-attended 11:00 AM service.

6. Are you praying?

Would you please be in prayer for all those you are inviting, will invite or others have invited? Would you please pray for our all our volunteers who will being serving. We will need extra volunteers for this weekend as well.


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