A Couple of Reminders

June 2, 2010


Dear Eastside Family,

Here are a couple quick reminders:

1. Voting has started for our NEW name. You can vote one time per computer at www.eastside-baptist.com/survey

2. This coming Sunday is HIGH ATTENDANCE SUNDAY! Several activities will be going this Sunday:

  • Youth will be sponsoring a breakfast from 9:30 am to 10:30 am then a brunch from Noon to 1:00pm. The cost is $5.00 per person. All proceeds goes to the youth ministry. For more information contact Renee Grant at 623-2730.
  • Faith Promise Commitment Cards are due on Sunday. Click here to download a commitment card: Faith Promise Eastside’s goal is to raise a $100,000.00 in six months. The use for the dollars will be used for: to pack 200,000 meals for Feed My Starving Children; current debt reduction; and some additional audio, visual upgrades for the worship center.

FAQs about Faith Promise Commitment Cards:

What if I can be in attendance this Sunday can I still turn in my commitment card? Absolutely. Just turn in your commitment card the next time you are at Eastside, drop it off at the church, or just email Sherrie Green at church@nulleastside-baptist.com with your commitment amount.

What if I cannot make a commitment of $1,000.00 over six months can I still make a commitment? Yes. If everyone at Eastside will do their part (whatever that part is) then we will reach our goal. The amount you commitment is between you and God.

Do I have to sign my commitment card? Once again, your commitment is between you and God. If you feel comfortable signing the card then please do so. If you don’t feel comfortable then don’t sign it. I will be signing my commitment card.

What if I make a commitment then I am not able to fulfill my commitment? Once again, that’s between you and God. However I would encourage you not to give up too soon. The entire commitment is FAITH PROMISE! You are giving as God provides. I would encourage you to allow room for God to show up and to show off. You may be surprised by what God will do.

Can I change my commitment once I have made my initial commitment? Once again, that’s between you and God. Do whatever He prompts you to do.

Why are we doing this? The point of this is to allow God to “SHOW UP AND TO SHOW OFF!” The way God does this is through His people. This commitment is not about money rather it’s about you trusting in God and His ability to provide for your every need. This is about faith and strengthening your faith in God’s ability to be your Provider.

What if I have additional questions? Feel free to contact Chris Clark, Larry Taulbee, or Pastor Virgil.

I am really anticipating a GREAT Sunday and seeing what God is going to accomplished!


Pastor VG


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