A Heavy Heart

June 16, 2010


Dear Friends,

God is stirring my heart. He has given me a holy discontentment. He is absolutely wearing me out at the present. Here is the reason why He is wearing me out: People in our community are struggling with all kinds of major issues like abandonment, sexual abuse, physical abuse, workaholism,  drugs, alcoholism, control issues, food, sex, low self-esteem, co-dependency, financial loss, loss of a loved one and host of other issues. Here is the kicker…we have the answer, the principles that can help them. We have the ETERNAL ANSWER in JESUS CHRIST!

I personally believe that this is the time for us to reach our COMMUNITY FOR CHRIST! I honestly believe that the hour of harvest is NOW! I really believe that God is up to something BIG. I also believe that God is looking for a church family to use in Madison County to reach the masses of people who are looking for hope! We will be the church that rises up and says, “God, here we are. Use us for your glory!”

How can we minister to the masses of people in our community? How can we get these fine people exposed to life’s healing choices/principles as outlined by Jesus Christ? Here is how…PRAY! Start praying right now about starting a small group this fall. Pray for God to send forth labors to bring the harvest in. A small group can emerge anywhere, anyplace, anytime. The small group can be in your home, your workplace, a restaurant, at Eastside, or anyplace that you can play a DVD!

Here is what God has taught me, the more small groups we launch the more people we are going to reach and minister to. Here is the good news, we already have 2 new small groups leaders for the fall. We only need 18 more. With each new small group = new people for Jesus!

As you seek God’s face on this matter please know that if you will start a new small group then we will provide you with everything that you need to launch your small group:

  • One hour training for your as a small group leader
  • Personal coach that will walk with you through the entire process
  • Full support of the staff team
  • Eight small group video lessons taught by Rick Warren on DVD
  • Small group discussion and guides and group leader coaching

Would you join me in praying for a mighty move of God?


Pastor VG


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