A Little Bragging…

July 23, 2012


Dear Eastsiders:

The Bible is full of admonitions to refrain from boasting about yourself, but I think you would agree that a little bragging about other people might be within the lines of Scriptural acceptability. I spent the last week with 22 other people in Guatemala City at Prince of Peace Home for Girls serving the girls at the home and some of the widows in the city. It was awesome to see how each member of our team stepped up to the plate and did their part. You would have been proud of our team.

Last week and this week our church family has/is stepping up to serve two different families that have lost loved ones. Losing a love one is very difficult. Serving a family that is going thru the valley of sorrow helps to make the journey a little more bearable. Thanks to Vivian Wallace for heading this ministry up and to all the families that prepared a dish for these two bereavement meals.

Sunday morning as I stood in the lobby greeting people my heart was warmed to see all the members/regular attenders who were parking far, far away from the main entrance. Thank you very being a servant and for making room for our guests. On the subject of making room, we are still needing families to move to the 9:30 am worship service which begins on September 9, 2012. Please be in prayer about attending worship at this hour. We need more seats available at the 11:00 am worship hour because most people will attend church for the first time at the 11:00 am hour. Many of you have already made this commitment, thank you.

Once last thing that I would like to brag about is the way we are making Eastside a friendly place to attend. Carla Perry, Vivian Wallace, Chastity Ray, Kate Treado, and Sherri Eckler are working hard at making Eastside the friendliest church in the community. You will continue to see changes to take place in the cafe area and the way we receive guests. Thanks, ladies. You ROCK!

Love and Prayers,

Pastor VG

PS If you have not sign up for IGNITE (new member’s class) which is this Sunday from 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm then please contact Carla Perry at cperry@nulleastside-cc.com or at 893-4757 to reserve your spot so we can make adequate childcare and lunch arrangements. Everything is FREE.

PSS Clerrinda Queen, Eastside’s new Children’s Minister, will be in worship on Sunday and will officially start her new position on Monday, July 30th.





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