A Simple Way To Evaluate Your Team

June 27, 2014


Teams that consistently achieve exceptional results possess six essential attributes:

  • Common Purpose
  • Clear Roles
  • Accepted Leadership
  • Effective Processes
  • Solid Relationships
  • Excellent Communications

I have a very simple online survey to help your team measure itself against these characteristics ($30.00 per person). I have used this survey with my own team as well as other teams around the country. A team is a complex entity – each attribute is important, and they fit together to create a high performance team.

The survey will provide you with a full report that will identify the areas that most need development, and design an action plan for increased team effectiveness. Here are the steps…

Step 1: Discuss Findings & Identify Improvement Opportunities

Step 2: Develop An Action Plan

Step 3: Monitor and MeasureĀ 

If you would like to learn more about these characteristics and the survey, please feel free to contact me at vgrant@nulleastside-cc.com. Also I am available to help your team to debrief this time-tested survey.

How are you measuring the effectiveness of your team? What ways have you discovered to evaluate your team?


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