All I Can Say is “WOW!”

November 7, 2011


Dear E-News Friends,

Sunday’s worship was overwhelming to say the least. God’s presence was so real and powerful. As we left on Sunday many of you shook your head and said to me, “All I can say is ‘WOW.'” I would agree with you – WOW! I love it when God shows up and shows off.

Here are some of the comments from people in attendance:

“At one point, I started to stand up and tell everyone that I was going to go and get chicken so we can stay all day.”

“I cried the entire time.”

“Pastor, that is what you call worship.”

“The presence of God was evident today.”

“I was blessed by today’s worship.”

Words cannot describe what God did or what God accomplished on Sunday. Let’s not let what happened on Sunday be the exception, let’s make it the norm. What do you say?

PLEASE READ. This is from AW Tozer’s book “Experiencing the Presence of God.”

“The experience of too many people trying to probe the presence of God ends in complete and utter frustration. Longing to be in HIS presence and actually coming into HIS presence are two entirely different things. As created beings, man longs for the presence of the Creator, but in himself cannot find it.

Consider the eagle, born to fly. A natural yearning within the breast of the young eagle leads it to mount up on wings and ascend into the sky with a thousand feet of clean air beneath its wings. The eagle may, on occasion, walk on the ground or perch in a tree, but everything about him is designed to fly in the air. If our eagle had its wings clipped, preventing him from flying, he still would have the burning desire to mount up on wings and ascend into the sky. His ability, however, would be so impaired that he could never lift off the ground. He could not be true to his nature.

Such is the plight of humanity. We are born to ascend into the very environment of God’s presence where we belong; but something has clipped our wings, disabling us from responding to the cry from within. That something is “sin.””

What we experienced on Sunday is what we were designed to do – WORSHIP GOD!

I love you guys,

Pastor Virgil



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