“ALL IN” on High Attendance Sunday

October 15, 2009


All IN

Dear Church Family,

“All In” is a very popular saying since The World Series of Poker Tournament (Texas Hold’em) has been aired on ESPN over the last several years. “All In” means that a player is betting every chip in their possession based on their current hand. I am asking Eastside Baptist Church Family to go “All In” on Sunday, October 25, 2009.

I am asking that each family, person, and individual associated with Eastside to be “All In” with their attendance. Eastside will be going for HIGH ATTENDANCE SUNDAY on the 25th of October.

I have been dreaming for the last several months about what it would like if everyone associated with Eastside showed up on the same Sunday. How would it feel? What would look like? What would be the emotion? Would you go “All In” on Sunday, October 25?


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