Are you Different?

May 17, 2012


Dear Friends,

Are you different or normal? I will launch a new sermon series this Sunday, May 20th titled, “Different to Make a Difference.” What’s really different about those who make up the church? Could you pick them out of a crowd? If we are saved to be “Different” so we can “Make a Difference.” What does that mean for us today? In an ever-growing mass of humanity, how will people best see Christ reflected through His church? We’ll explore what God’s Word says about a people that were so different they turned the whole world upside down. Find out how today’s church can echo and amplify the first century church to impact our world for Christ personally and powerfully.

Please welcome our NEWEST MEMBERS:

Nadine Collins (letter)
Billy (letter) & Kim (statement) Sexton
Melissa & Kenny Sandusky (letters)
Gabe (letter) & Ashley (statement) Stallsworth
Jasmine Moore (baptism)
Andrew Carroll (baptism)
Tommy Oliver (baptism)
Andrew Bailey (letter)

Love and Prayers,

Pastor VG

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