Are You Fully Surrendered?

March 13, 2013



Dear Friends,

What is the purpose of the local church? There are a lot of different perspectives and  opinions floating around these days. But from my seat, the local church exists to disciple/shepherd/challenge members to move toward being Fully Surrendered (aka full devotion, disciple maker, conformed to the image of Christ, Christ-Centered, making disciples, etc).  The complexity of this concept emerges when one goes to describe the meaning of this term.

For example, a lot of Christians would prefer a checklist of items to determine if they are Fully Surrendered. However, I am very reluctant to move in this direction. Why? Because I have witnessed many people check off their spiritual checklist (Bible reading, tithing, praying, attending church, and small group, etc) and not be Fully Surrendered. Other Christians avoid this matter altogether because there are no easy answers. These Christians don’t like messy relationships or messy subject matters so they avoid the issue. What is the appropriate definition? I don’t honestly know. I don’t know if the term Fully Surrendered is the correct term to describe what is seeking to be described here.

Nevertheless, here is my definition of what it means to be Fully Surrendered. This definition has emerged over the last 10 months as I have walked with Bruce Smith and his team from Church Solutions Group. Here is my definition….Jesus Christ is the most important relationship in my life. I am willing to do anything He tells me to do. There is nothing between me and Him. That’s my definition. Simple but still not complete.

What thoughts do you have? What is your definition? What would you add?

If Jesus is the most important relationship in your life then I would like to encourage you to attend our next Fully Surrendered Meeting this Friday, March 15, 2013 from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm at Eastside in the sanctuary. 

I hope to see you there?

Seeking to be Fully Surrendered,

Pastor Virgil


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