Are YOU Ready?

August 20, 2012


Dear E-News Friends,

Are YOU ready for Friend Day this Sunday?¬† There are 3 things that needs to take place in order for Sunday to be the HUGE day which we are anticipating: God’s Part, Our Part, and Your part.

Your Part:

1. Be in attendance on Sunday. Make it a priority.
2. Invite someone to come with you. Here is a little blurb from James Emery White about the power of a personal invitation:

Crawl underneath the hood of any growing church that is actually growing from the unchurched and you will find that the number one reason newcomers attend is because they were invited by a friend.

Churches grow from the unchurched because their members and attenders talk about it to their unchurched friends. It comes up in their conversations like the mention of a good movie, a favorite restaurant, or a treasured vacation spot.

There is a culture of invitation.

As Michael Green noted about the explosive growth of the early church, which was entirely conversion growth, Christians were talking about the church, Jesus and the gospel like it was gossip over the backyard fence.

Our Part:

1. Eastside will do everything humanly speaking to be READY for Sunday. Our First Impression Team are all very busy making preparations for this Sunday and our FALL MINISTRY RUN. Please be in prayer for our First Impression Team which includes the following: parking team, hospitality team, host team, hospitality team, and guest service team.  Carla Perry and her team leaders and members are working very hard to transform the culture of Eastside.

2. Eastside will do everything in our power to provide an AWESOME, UPLIFTING, and INSPIRING time of worship through great music and preaching.

God’s Part:

God will always show up and show off. He is faithful. He will do His part if we do our part.

I am excited about Sunday. I am excited to see what God is going to do. BTW, who are you inviting to attend with you?

Don’t forget that after worship there will be a FREE lunch for everyone.





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