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August 20, 2013



 The Church Has Left The Building!

Join the entire Eastside family for “Faith in Action Month” beginning Sunday, September 15th.  During this month the focus will be on biblical relationships, service ministry, and Christ’s heart for those in need through special small groups and worship services. Our pastor, Virgil Grant, will be teaching a sermon series entitled, Duct Dynasty: Relationships Are Sticky, Jack! to emphasize why our relationships are such a vital part of the Christian life. We invite everyone to be part of a landmark day in the history of Eastside, when on October 13th we cancel all worship services to go worship through serving our community.

Eastside’s family and friends will be serving through local projects designed to directly touch lives and reflect Christ’s love to others in our community. The project list will be published soon. There will be a project for everyone, and we are shooting for 100% participation.

We are not just serving the community, but serving with the community. So please begin to ask God which family members, friends and neighbors you need to invite to join your group for our service projects on Sunday, October 13th.  Together we can make a difference in our community! Then, on that evening at 6:00 p.m., we will all gather together for a time of worship to celebrate all that God did through our body of Christ.

Don’t just go to church—BE the church during “Faith in Action Month.”  For more details, contact Carla Perry at or at 893-4757.

Interested in being a team leader for a project? Click here!

Need an idea for your project? Click here!


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