Bible Storytelling 101

January 6, 2012


Dear E-News Friends,

Greetings! I hope you are anticipating Sunday’s worship gathering at Eastside Community like I am. I am so excited about our launch of a new sermon series called Christianity Illustrated. We have put a lot of prayer and work into this sermon series. You will be very impress when you see the small group resource (click on the following link to view it in PDF:¬†Christianity Illustrated)¬†which we have created for this series and you will be equally impressed when you see the design of the stage. BTW, BE EARLY on Sunday. If you are late then you will miss out.

On Sunday, we as a church will take a GIGANTIC step in the direction of fulfilling our vision of Disciples Making Disciples by utilizing the methodology of Bible Storytelling in small groups. We will actually be storying each of the parables that I will be preaching on from the pulpit in our small groups. This methodology has already helped millions of people around the world to learn and remember the Word of God. Bible Storytelling is simple that – the telling of a story from the Bible.

Here is the basic format of Bible Storytelling:

1. Small Group Leader shares a particular story from God’s Word in his or her words.
2. He or she then ask the members to open their Bibles to the story and as a class they re-build the story step by step.
3. The small group leader then asks some questions of the group to allow them to unearth the principles and the truths that are in the story.
4. After they have discussed the story then they read the story from God’s Word.
5. Each participate is encouraged to share the story in the coming week.

Here are three benefits of us using Bible Storytelling….

First, deep truths can be communicated clearly in a short amount of time. The stories take only about five minutes to tell. Then the small leader asks questions and allows the group participants to dig out the truths God has placed there. Leadership development happens naturally in the context of the group.

Second, the stories are memorable. After the small group meeting, participants are encouraged to tell the story to others in their spheres of influence. Parents take the story home and share it with their children. Churches like Real Life Ministries have found that orality-based small group is an effective way to develop a biblical worldview in both children and adults.

Another advantage to Bible storying is that small groups remain “open.” Someone can join the group at any point, which is not always the case with other small group methods.

If you would want to learn more about Bible Storytelling then check out these links:

Biblical Orality
Baptist Press 10 Part Series on Bible Storytelling

If you are not connected to a small group then I would encourage you to join one today. Contact Greg Gillum at to get connected.

See you Sunday,

Pastor VG


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