Breaking Barriers with Staff Team Members

April 22, 2015


As the pastor of a growing church, there are many different barriers that need to be broken in order to keep growing. These barriers include growth barriers (200,500,1,000, etc.) as well as organizational and structure barriers which require a senior leader to re-think in order to sustain growth. The one barrier most senior leaders put off or avoid altogether is the staff developmental conversation. There are various reasons I have avoided these conversations which include; not wanting to deal with the issue- just ignoring it, not wanting to conduct the¬†crucial conversation¬†due to my own brokenness or insecurities, as well as the fear of the staff member’s response and what others may think. You get the picture.

A couple weeks ago, I attended Catalyst One Day in Lexington, KY where Craig Groeschel explained in simple terms how to make the developmental conversation easier. Here are the steps he shared with those in attendance:

Step 1: Schedule a meeting with the staff member who you need to have the developmental conversation with.

Step 2: Share with them that things aren’t going well.

Step 3: Share your desire for them to succeed and your willingness to do everything you can to help them succeed.

Step 4: Be very direct with your staff member by sharing with them what needs to happen in the next 90 days in order for them to stay. Clearly share your expectations and goals.

Step 5: Schedule progress meetings on a regularly basis in order to monitor their progress.

Step 6: Be direct about what will happen if they can’t get there, we are going to have to make a change.

The ultimate goal according to Groeschel is to love them to stay. Part of loving them to stay is helping them to grow. If the organization has outgrown them then you have to replace them.

What crucial conversation are you avoiding? Which conversation have you messed up? What is preventing you from have the necessary conversation?


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