March 21, 2014


What is a “Buzz” event? A “Buzz” event is an event sponsored by a church to build relationships with those who are starting their spiritual journey or who have drifted on their journey. A “Buzz” event can take place during a Sunday morning worship time or at some other time during the week.  In short, “Buzz” events are designed to introduce people to a loving, caring body of believers known as the church in a non-threatening and loving environment.

Here is how Eastside is leveraging “Buzz” events to reach out to our community and to let our community know that we love them:

Helicopter Egg Drop! This is something we are doing in partnership with our city parks department and other local businesses. We will have close to 50 individuals at this “Buzz” event who have committed to volunteering. We are asking each volunteer to wear their IServe T-Shirt or another Eastside T-Shirt.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are two days that are not being leveraged by churches in our community. This year we have decided to leverage both of these special days as “Buzz” events.

On Mother’s Day, we are bringing in a well-known comedian, Dennis Swanberg. We are creating door knob hangers, posters, and yard signs to promote this event. Below is the digital invite which we will be sending out to people via text message plus posting on our social media sites:


Plus we will be inviting everyone back to the launch of our new sermon series, Winning the Mind Wars. Here is that graphic:


On Father’s Day we are hosting a special event called “Hot Rods and Hot Dogs”. We will have hot rods in our parking lot that morning plus we will be feeding everyone a FREE meal that is in attendance. The menu? You guessed it, hot dogs!  The meal will begin at the conclusion of our 9:30am worship service and continue to 1:00pm. Below is the graphic for Father’s Day:


What are your “Buzz” events this Spring? What would you do differently? What are you doing intentionally to reach out to the community and to let them know you care?


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