Causes of a Dead-end Life

May 20, 2015


In my previous post, Death By Inches, I proposed several statements that may indicate that your purpose is not clear and that you may need clarity for your life.

In this post, I want to identify some of the most common—and the most devastating—causes of death by inches:

  • a strained marriage which consumes our mental and emotional energies
  • career disappointments, a belligerent boss, and unrealistic expectations at work
  • children who are out of control
  • severe or chronic health problems in the immediate family
  • severe financial problems
  • dealing with a family member who has severe emotional or psychological problems, such as alcoholism
  • the corrosive effects of bitterness
  • unconfessed sin
  • an immoral lifestyle
  • the shame of past, unresolved failures
  • constant opposition
  • unrelieved oppression
  • disappointment with God

How does one deal with any of the above issues? How are you dealing with these causes of a dead-end life? In my next post, I will offer several inappropriate ways we often try to cope with our stresses of life.

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