Compassion Week – Day 1 Encouragement

October 19, 2009


Compassion Week LogoDear Friends,

Thank you for having an incredible heart to stretch yourself and connect with the poor through Eastside’s 5 Day Challenge. Or maybe you haven’t committed yourself to the 5 Day Partial Fast and are wondering what you will give up?

Maybe you are like my one friend who is fasting from “cussing.” Or maybe you are like my wife who is already panicking. She is trying to rationalize her coffee addiction. She has agreed to limit herself to one cup of coffee per day. Maybe you are still justifying to yourself, “After all, it’s just beans and water.”

Regardless, I am proud of you for taking this first step. I truly believe the next five days are going to shape each and every one of us.

While we experience the pangs of hunger today and the monotony of our food choices, it will take great discipline to fully commit to this challenge. While I’m eating rice and beans today, I will be thinking about the situation around the world. Today there will be close to 30,000 children who will die today due to starvation and/or treatable disease. Let’s declare that that’s not okay. Our theme verse for Compassion Week is Proverbs 22:9 “Blessed are those who are generous because they feed the poor.”

Remember why we are participating in this 5 Day Challenge/Partial Fast: To position ourselves so that we can hear a FRESH WORD from the Lord. 

Richard Foster writes, “Our fasting is a sign that nothing will stop us in our struggle on behalf of the broken and oppressed.”

For God’s Global Glorification,

Pastor Virgil

PS Remember we are packing 100,000 meals for Feed My Starving Children at The Home Store & More today from 6-8 pm (across from Clark Moores Middle School).


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