Core Convictions About Discipleship

July 31, 2015


Discipleship is the “in” buzz word these days at church conferences. Here are my core convictions when it comes to discipleship.

1. Discipleship is the core mission of the church (Matthew 2818-20).

2. The best environment to make disciples is a small group.

3. Small group is NOT the end goal for a Christian. The goal is not to get in a holy huddle and to stay there forever.

4. The end goal is to be a disciple of Jesus who makes disciples of Jesus.

5. A disciple is someone who follows Jesus, is being changed by Jesus, and is on mission with Jesus (Matthew 4:19).

6. If you plan on being a disciple of Jesus then you have to commit a second hour to Jesus. In other words, attending worship ONLY will not move you to where you need to be a disciple of Jesus. You have to re-orient your life to make room to attend a small group.

7. You have to be honest about where you are on your spiritual journey. Are you a spiritual babe? A growing Christian? All-In?

8. Discipleship, following Jesus, will cost you your life (Matthew 16:24ff).

9. Jesus is always at work in his disciple’s life encouraging them to take their next spiritual step.

10. You learn to make disciples by actually starting the process of making disciples.

What are your core convictions? What would you add?

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