Death By Inches

May 18, 2015


No one ever intends for it to happen.


When a person’s purpose is clear, he can withstand almost anything. When one’s purpose has been eroded by discouragement and creeping doubt, he is easily tossed by every wind. Our vision, hope, and purpose can erode for a number of reasons. Here are some signs that you have lost your purpose and you need clarity:

  • We almost always take the safe way and are unwilling to take risks.
  • We go to work to pay the bills and live for vacations.
  • We think of work when we’re home and think of home when we’re at work.
  • Nothing excites us.
  • Most of life is just going through the motions with no purpose.
  • Our thoughts are consumed with trivial “have to’s.”
  • We avoid decisions.
  • We blame others for our misfortunes.
  • We daydream about retirement (even though it’s many years away).
  • We gripe about the specifics of our ill health far too much.
  • We live in and through our children, and we have no life of our own.
  • We can’t sleep, or we sleep too much.
  • We eat the same things at the same places with the same people, and talk about the same things day after day, week after week, month after month.
  • We are almost always grouchy.
  • We withdraw in discouragement or explode in rage . . . or both.
  • We get involved in really dumb behavior that hurts us and others, and we won’t or can’t change.
  • We talk a lot about what “we used to do.”
  • There’s nothing we really enjoy or that brings us pleasure.
  • Promotions, moves, deaths, betrayals, and health all seem to be out of our control.

Do any of the above statements resonate with you? If so, which ones?  If you resonate with more than three of the above statements then you may benefit from having your LifePlan conducted. Click here to learn more about what is involved in having your LifePlan conducted.

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