January 28, 2011


Dear E-NeWS FrIENds:

Did you know that the Sanctuary Makeover is quickly approaching? Here are some cool stuff…

1. Eastside has received the plans to begin construction.

2. Next week Eastside will be meeting with the Project Manager for the makeover.

3. Sanctuary Makeover will begin on Sunday, February 13th and be completed by March 5th.

4. On February 20th and 27th we will be worshipping at Madison Central High School Auditorium.

5. All other activities will take place at Eastside at there regular times (i.e. Wednesday night activities)

6. The Worship Prop Team is busy working on the new stage design. If you would like to serve then contact Kim Proffitt.

7. The week of February 28 thru March 5th we will need at 5 volunteers from 6:00pm to 10:00pm to help with pulling wire, clean up, etc. If you are available an evening then please contact Greg Gillum at ggillum@nulleastside-cc.com to serve.

What can you do? Three specific ways which you can help:

  • Pray, pray, and pray some more. Pray for everything to go smoothly and as plan.
  • Give a little extra for this project. We are just a few thousand dollars shy of completely having the project paid in full.
  • Be flexible during this time and help to spread the word about change of worship locations for the 20th and 27th of February.

Also, remember that I love you and I love serving as your pastor.

Have a Fabulous Weekend,

Pastor VG


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