Disaster Relief Update

March 5, 2012


Dear Friends,

Here are some reflections from the team that delivered the supplies from Madison County yesterday.

On Sunday, 12 members from Eastside were able to help people affected by Friday’s tornado in Meniffee and Morgan Counties. We began in Meniffe County at the Meniffee County School, where we unloaded all the items donated from Madison County. At the school, the ladies on the trip, were able to help pack boxes of food and hygiene items to deliver to the people in need. We hauled water to Botts Elementary (Meniffee Co.), for they were in need of water. We also got to see some of the damage in Meniffee Co as we visited Fletcher Ridge, Rattliff Road and Old State Road delivering items to those in need. We saw where several homes had suffered damage from the tornadoes, and other homes were completely destroyed. West Liberty was also in need of clothing, so our team stepped up and volunteered to re-load our trucks and trailers to haul clothing to two different locations in Morgan County. Along the way we drove through the path of what was left from the tornado. The storm has left behind a trail of insulation hanging from trees, shredded sheet metal, and wrecked cars. The images of yesterday will forever be in our hearts and on our minds. There is hope for the victims of Kentucky during this natural disaster. Thank you to each and every Madison County Family who donated and prayed for this mission. This could not have happened without our GOD and your willingness to serve.

Here are some pics:






























Eastside also collected $4,293.36 for the tornado victims as well.

We will be collecting additional items all this week from 8 am to 5:00 pm at the church. For more information please contact Kristie at 624-9646.

Thanks for your generosity,

Pastor Virgil


  1. Todd Mason says: March 5, 2012

    I’d like to add how awesome is to see everyone from Eastside step up. It is so awesome to be a member of a congregation that is ALIVE!!! Your generocity touched the hearts of so many people. Keep up the good work.

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