Disciple-Making Questions

August 22, 2012


Here are Eastside’s answers. How would your church answer these questions?

Q-1: What’s the purpose of the local church? Make disciples – See Matthew 28:18-20 and 2 Corinthians 5:17ff.

Q-2: What is a disciple? Matthew 4:19 – A disciple is someone who knows and follows Jesus; being changed by Jesus; and is on mission with Jesus.

Q-3: What is your methodology for making disciples? Again, Jesus is the model here. You can only make disciples by being in relationships.

Q-4: How do you know if you have hit your target or accomplish your purpose in the local church of making disciples? They can turn around and make disciples. The success of discipleship is not the second rather third generation of disciples.

Q-5: What is the main arena in which you make disciples? Small groups.

Q-6: What’s the difference between making converts and making disciples? Conversion is only the beginning while discipleship is a life-long journey.

 Q-7: What are the 5 levels of spirituality? To use Real Life Ministries and Jim Putman’s terminology – piritually dead, spiritual infants, children, young adults, and spiritual parent.

Q-8: What was Jesus’ method for making disciples? Jesus shared his life with the disciples, connected them to God and God’s plan for their lives, got the disciples doing ministry then allowed them to disciple others – Share, Connect, Minister, and Disciple.

Q-9: A small group leader must understand that their job is to __________________? Make disciples of Jesus Christ. Important distinction – disciples of Jesus Christ. As spiritual leaders we have to take our small group members/disciples back to Jesus not to anyone else. Jesus is the only one who can change lives.

Q-10: The department you lead…why does it exist? What is its purpose? Make disciples.

How different are your answers from Eastside’s? What question(s) would you add? Delete?


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