Discipleship Questions

August 12, 2012


Dear E-News Friends,

MAKING DISCIPLES is what the church is called to do. It is a command from Jesus Himself – see Matthew 28:18-20. As a spiritual leader, I am convinced that MAKING DISCIPLES is the proper offensive (think West Coast Offense or Spread Offense) for the local church to utlizes. This core conviction has lead me to ask myself some pertinent questions, for example:

1. What does it actually look like to make disciples in relationships? What is relational discipleship?

2. What is the core curriculum or model which one should promote or advocate? Lifeway? Navpress? Real Life Ministries? Willow Creek?

3. What does it mean to be a disciple-making leader?

4. What are the specific functions of a disciple-making leader?

5. What is the role of worship is the disciple-making process if small groups are the primary environment for making disciples?

What are your questions as you make disciples?

I will share my thoughts on these questions later this week.



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