Does Your Church Own ‘The Entire Enchilada?’

May 26, 2014


What do I mean by the statement, “Does your church own ‘The Entire Enchilada?'” I am making reference to the spiritual maturation process for those you are ministering to as a body of believers. I grew up as a Southern Baptist. Southern Baptist historically has ‘owned’ only one part of the spiritual maturation process, conversion. A healthy, vibrant, and growing church owns ‘The Entire Enchilada!’

Here is the process as define by the Willow Creek Association from their Reveal Study:


“L” stands for who are ‘Looking’ or are ‘Lost.’ The commitment needed to move to “B” or to ‘Babes in Christ’ is to the receive Christ as your Savior. This is the part of the process which Southern Baptists have owned for years. When I became a Christian at the age 9, no one discipled me or helped me to make the next commitment.

“B” represents ‘Babes in Christ.’ The commitment needed to move to a ‘Growing Christian’ from a ‘Babe in Christ’ involves reading your Bible, praying, and listening to the Holy Spirit. When a ‘Babe in Christ’ makes these decisions then they are ready to move in the ‘Growing Christian’ stage.

“G” reflects Growing Christians. The commitment needed to move to being a ‘Fully Surrendered Disciple’ is to being willing to surrender and sacrifice one’s time, talents, treasures, and plans for the purposes of God.

“FSD” are Fully Surrendered Disciples whose ultimate goal is making disciples for Jesus.

Take a church that is averaging 200 adults in worship on a weekly basis. What percentage would you assign to each of the above categories with the total representing 100%?

The most common responses I receive are 10-40-40-10, respectively. I believe these percentages to be accurate. What do these percentages reveal? They reveal that there is not much movement among the members of the local church. Disciples of Christ are stuck in a spiritual stage. If a local church owns ‘The Entire Enchilada’ of spiritual maturation then they are NOT only concerned with winning people to Jesus they are also committed to helping Christians to become fully surrendered or sold out to Jesus.

What are your thoughts? Does your church own ‘The Entire Enchilada?’ If not, which portion of the process does your church own?


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