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July 26, 2010


Dear Family and Friends,

Voting for Eastside’s name change ends on Friday, July 31st at Midnight. Please go to Eastside’s Website to vote NOW!! BTW, Eastside Community Church is leading by 45 votes at the present over Eastpoint Community Church.

Point of Clarification: By changing the name of our church does not mean we are changing our basic beliefs. Click here to visit our Statement of Faith. These statements have been a part of our church since our inception and they will NEVER change.


1. Pray for our 15 children/adults at Cedaramore Baptist Camp. They are having a blast. Pray for God to do a wonderful work in these precious lives.

2. Pray for our mission team to Guatemala. This Saturday 15 people from Eastside will be leaving for Guatemala. We will return on Saturday, August 7th. We will be doing various activities in Guatemala City with the girls and in the city.

3. Praise the Lord…$861.00 was given to take the girls at Prince of Peace to the water park next Wednesday. Thank you for your generosity.  Click here to learn more about the Prince of Peace Girls Home.

4. Homecoming 2010 is scheduled for Sunday, August 8th. Please note the time change: 10:30 am with FREE lunch on the grounds at Noon. Don’t miss this wonderful celebration as we celebrate 27 years of touching eternity.

5. Sign ups begin on Sunday, August 15th for our Fall Spiritual Growth Campaign, Life’s Healing Choices. More information forthcoming.

Be Blessed and Continue to Be a Blessing,

Pastor VG


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