Easter 2011

April 15, 2011


Dear Friends,

Easter is almost upon us. Eastside will have 2 identical worship gatherings on Easter Sunday, April 24th at 9:00 am and 10:50 am.

I would like to encourage you to be engaged this next week on several levels:

1. Pray for those…

  • who will be attending.
  • who will be receiving invitations to attend.
  • who needs Jesus as their Savior
  • who will be participating in the worship gathering (ushers, band, tech team, pastor, volunteers)
  • who you have or are inviting to attend with you.

2.  Attend the early worship gathering at 9:00 am on Easter. Please, Please, Please consider coming early so we can make room for those who will be our guest on Easter during the 10:50 am worship gathering.

3. Parking Issues – Park as far from the facilities as you can so we can leave the premium parking places for our guest. 🙂

4. Do Whatever It Takes! If you see a piece of paper that needs to be picked up then pick it up. If a pot coffee needs to be made then make a pot. If paper towels are needed in a restroom needs then go hunt some down. If you see someone sitting by themselves then go sit by them.

5. Invite someone to attend with you on Easter. Go and pick them up if you have to. Do whatever it takes.


Pastor VG


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