Easter 2014 Reflections

April 21, 2014


Easter 2014 was a beautiful Sunday. According to all the posts I viewed on Facebook, Easter was a huge day in the life of many individuals, families, and churches. Here are a few of my reflections from Easter 2014:

1. Easter is still very much a family weekend. Yesterday I witnessed so many family pictures on Facebook, more than any other day. It warmed my heart to see families hanging out together. I enjoyed hanging with my family and playing a game of wiffle ball with the kids.

2. Baptisms never get old to me. I am so grateful for the 4 baptisms which I witnessed yesterday.

3. Volunteers are so crucial to the success of any special event Sunday at a church. Yesterday, Eastside’s volunteers put on a clinic. They absolutely “rocked” the house yesterday from the parking lot to the “pew.”

4. Eastside had 900 in attendance. Only God!

5. Eastside’s parking lot (spaces) has to double in size in order to accommodate 1,000 people on campus.

6. The GOSPEL is still relevant and powerful!

7. God’s NOT DEAD! He is alive.

What were your observations from yesterday? What would you add? What is your next BIG Sunday at your church? How are you going to prepare for it based on your learnings from yesterday?


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