Easter Sunday Details, April 8th

March 13, 2012



Easter Sunday is quickly approaching us, April 8th. Easter 2012 is going to be the BIGGEST Easter Weekend we have ever experience as a church. I would like to ask you to help Eastside prepare for Easter Sunday by doing the following…

1. Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray. And pray some more.

2. Invite your friends, neighbors, co-workers, family members, and store clerks to worship on Easter Sunday. Better yet, tell them you will come and pick them for church. Better yet, take them out to lunch after the worship service.

3. Be hospitable to everyone you see. We plan on having an abundance of coffee, juices, donuts, and muffins on hand. We are going to ask everyone to wear a name tag. Starting Easter Sunday we are going to be known as the “friendliest church in town.”

4. See a need…meet the need. See someone standing…speak to them. See a piece of paper on the floor or in the parking lot…pick up the piece of trash and place it in the trash bin.

5. Come to the 9:00 am worship service to make room at the 10:50 am service. Please, please, please consider coming to the 9:00 am worship service.

God is going to show up and show off this Easter. Be there or be square.

Love and prayers,

Pastor Virg



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