Eastside Community New Logos

September 24, 2010


Dear Friends,

We are 9 months into this journey of changing Eastside’s name and logo. The only reason for the name change is to REACH MORE PEOPLE FOR JESUS! As a church we will stay with our Baptist ROOTS and stay closely connected to the Southern Baptist Convention.

In addition to a new name and a new logo. We have also taken this opportunity to update/modify our BIG THREE: Worship, Small Group, and Serve to…Intimacy with God (worship); Involvement with Community (Small Group), and Influence the World (serve). The letter “I” in Eastside has a superscript 3 to represents our i3 Vision (Intimacy, Involvement, and Influence).

Below you will find the new logos which we will use. Please don’t get caught up in the colors because we will use various colors during each season much like GOOGLE does on their website.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday as we continue with our sermon series, Life’s Healing Choices.

I love you guys,

Pastor Virgil


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