Eastside’s Vision, Mission, and Values

October 6, 2014


In this series of blog entries I am reminding myself, our leaders, and others who we are.

VISION is a picture of the preferred future that produces passion in people.

Eastside’s vision…disciples making disciples. We envision a day where disciples are impacting the lostness of our community by impacting the 70,000 people who are unchurched in our community.

MISSION is the daily behaviors that will help us to reach or fulfill our vision.

Eastside’s mission…is to create biblical disciples through relational environments. We envision a host of disciples who are investing in and discipling others in coffee shops, homes, and businesses all throughout Central Kentucky.

VALUES are the way we are going to behave. Values are the attitudes of our organization. Values define how we think, live, and relate to one another.

Eastside’s values…

  • Relational Environments
  • Generations
  • Creativity and Excellence
  • Spiritual Next Steps
  • Generosity/Sacrifice

Where is your church at relating to their vision, mission, and values? What would you add or change?


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