Forget The FROCK Movement

February 16, 2013


Dear Friends,

I read a blog entry that really spoke to my heart. The reason it spoke to my heart is because it challenged me to rethink what I was going to wear on Easter Sunday. The Fox Family apparently has started an effort called “Forget The FROCK!”

Here is blurb from The Fox Family Blogspot….

“It’s simple really.

We commit to give up our Frocks (you know those fancy little dresses we love to slap on for Easter). Yep, we kiss ’em goodbye and spend our money on something to wear on Easter Sunday that actually serves a PURPOSE… T-shirts that feed hungry babies, precious orphans actually.

People, who for Easter do something as simple as wearing a t-shirt that helps care for the orphan. Because GOD says “pure and faultless religion is to look after the orphan and the widow and not allow the world to corrupt you.” James 1:27

So here it is… The Easter Challenge… let’s toss aside our Fancy Frocks, lay down our desire to impress man and let’s join forces to care for the orphan… let’s…

Forget the Frock, Feed an Orphan!!!

“God is for people who are for his people and orphans are HIS people. So if you are for the Orphan… God is for you. ” -Jen Hatmaker

Are you on board? Or maybe still on the fence… Just aren’t sure where to snag your new Easter Shirt… Check out… every last drop of the money you spend on your “Easter” shirt goes to feed hungry babies in Ghana! I promise the shirts are cool and these folks are legit. Seriously… click on over there and Let’s do it.”

Or you can call Eastside Community Church at 859-624-9646 and order your t-shirt for Easter. We have several different designs. All shirts are $20.00 each!

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  1. Crystal @ Serving Joyfully says: March 1, 2013

    So cool 🙂 We’ve never bought nice new clothes for Easter anyway, but for those who do, this is a great challenge.

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