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May 22, 2012


Dear E-News Friends,

On Sunday, the Eastside Church Family turned in 12 names of lost people who needed praying for. I was praying for each one of these individuals by name and recording their names in my prayer notebook when I received the following email from Perry Noble who is the pastor of  NewSpring Church. I think this devotion fits in with the “missional awakening” discussion which we started on Sunday. Grab your Bible and let’s dive into the fact that FOUND PEOPLE FIND PEOPLE…

#1 – Read Matthew 9:9-13 and answer the following questions…

  • Who saw who first (Matthew 9:9)?
  • What did Matthew automatically do after he met Jesus (Matthew 9:10)?
  • Why did Jesus say He had came to earth when being questioned about His associations by the religious experts of the day (Matthew 9:11-13)?

#2 – Turn to John 1:35-51 and answer the following questions…

  • How did Andrew meet Jesus (John 1:35-40)?
  • What does the Bible say the first thing Andrew did was after meeting Jesus (John 1:41-42)?
  • Did Andrew try to change Peter…or did he simply bring him to a place, introduce him to Jesus and let Jesus change him (John 1:41-42)?
  • Who found who (John 1:43)?
  • What did Phillip do once he was found (John 1:44-45)?
  • Did Nathaniel believe automatically or was he skeptical at first (John 1:46)?
  • What was Phillip’s response at the end of John 1:46?  (Notice that he simply wanted to get him to a place where Nathaniel could meet Jesus!  He knew that only Jesus can change someone!)
  • Did Nathaniel automatically believe as soon as he saw Jesus or did it take time (John 1:47-49)?

#3 – Turn to Luke 14:15-23 and answer the following questions….

  • Is it common for people to have excuses when we invite them to church (Luke 14:15-20)?
  • What was The Master’s response…to give up on people or keep pursuing them (Luke 14:21)?
  • Does Jesus want His house to be empty or full (Luke 14:22-23)?

#4 – A few other things to consider…

#5 – Take some time to ask God to open your eyes to the people who are in your life that need Christ…and then be patient (II Peter 3:9) and persistant with them.

Missional Awakening Prayer: “O God, awaken our affections so that we obey your spirit and surrender to your worldwide mission.”

QUESTIONS: Who are you praying for that is far from God? Who are you inviting to church that is far from God?

HAVE A PRAYER REQUEST: Please share any prayer requests you have by emailing your them to


Pastor Virgil



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