Four Pitfalls to Avoid as a Disciple Maker

June 26, 2012


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Eastside’s vision is disciples making disciples. Simple. Strategic. Memorable.

The real question becomes how do you make disciples? If you are committed to reproducing yourself then how do you go about accomplishing this biblical mandate? Is there a pre-determine set curriculum that one is suppose to use? Is there a school which one attends in order to accomplish this mandate? A workshop that offers all the “nuts and bolts” of disciple making?

When discipleship is viewed as an event then there is a need or the perceived need that one must use a predetermined set of curriculum or attend a seminar or class that will better equip you as a disciple maker. When discipleship is viewed as an event then there are naturally some pitfalls that comes with this mentality. I am guilty of embracing each one of these 4 pitfalls due to the fact that I have historically viewed discipleship as an event.

See if you are guilty of embracing any of these 4 pitfalls as mentioned in the book Spiritual Mentoring: A Guide for Seeking and Giving Direction:

1. The Messiah Complex – I believe I am to rescue you or deliver you from the struggles and pain of your life.

2. The Problem-Solver Mentality – I believe my role is to tell you what the right answers are or to offer a way out for you.

3. The Assembly-Line Syndrome – I believe my role i to shape you into a predetermined form or product.

4. The Wisdom Dispenser Approach – I believe I must dispense wisdom-on-demand every time I meet with my disciple, because I am a fountain of wisdom and truth.

If disciple making is not an event then what is it? Disciple making is about relationships. When one perceives discipleship as a relationship then the focus moves to embracing the disciple and helping them to identify and join God where He is at work in their lives. One author says that you become a “detective of divinity.” I like that. In other words, you are helping the disciple to pay attention to the already present action of God in their lives.

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