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August 14, 2013


Free-WordPress-HostingI recently had the privilege of meeting Mike Breen at Exponential 2013 in Orlando, Florida. After listening to two of his breakout sessions, I was convicted of the power of a system he developed called Life Shapes. Life Shapes are basic symbols that a disciple-maker can draw, and at the same time explain an important principle from the Bible, or an important leadership truth. The point of Life Shapes is to create a common language around a few basic symbols. Common language creates a culture; and in Breen’s case, a discipleship culture. For Breen these shapes are the “core” teachings that a church would have its members able to repeat or teach others.

Greg Gillum, Jim Harris and I have taken Breen’s Life Shapes’ concept and have started the process of developing 9 basic DiscipleShapes. At this time only 4 of the shapes have been created. Others will soon to follow. We have or will have borrowed a few of our shapes from Mike Breen. The other DiscipleShapes come from our friends at Real Life Ministries in Post Falls, Idaho.

DiscipleShapes have no logos or copyright on them. Our intention is to start a movement. We share these shapes solely for the glory of God. We have found these shapes to be extremely helpful tools in the discipleship process.

HINT: We have found that you can go to to have our DiscipleShapes printed on postcards for easy distribution.

We believe these shapes are self-explanatory, but if you need help in understanding these DiscipleShapes, feel free to email me, Greg Gillum at, or Jim Harris at


















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