Fully Surrender – A Novel Concept

May 2, 2014


Is it possible for a Christ-follower to be fully surrendered? Can this spiritual level ever be reached? If it can be reached then what is the prerequisite? The real question to ask yourself is this: Are you willing to live on the divine level? This is what it means to live a fully surrendered life, to live on the divine level. To know God intimately and to accept the fact that God created you just the way you are; he loves you just the way you are and He wants to use you to change the world.

I agree with Tom Paterson, author of the book Deeper, Richer, Fuller: Discover The Spiritual Life You Long For, when he states the key to living a fully surrender life is yielding. Yielding to what?

Yielding to the your new identity as a Christ-folower.

Yielding to Jesus Christ as the Lord of your life.

Yielding to the the work of the Holy Spirit in your life (His work is to always move you to a life which is fully surrendered to Christ).

Yielding to the abundant life which is yours through Christ. To be radiantly alive (i.e. abundant life) unto God means the following accordingly to Tom Paterson:

  • You are in possession of yourself–you know your unique gifts and talents.
  • You body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.
  • You are on the path of a truly transformed life.
  • You see and experience everything differently.
  • Your values are changing.
  • You are developing a close, personal relationship with God.
  • You are in the process of becoming fully the person God created you to be for His divine purpose on this earth!

Yielding to God’s LifePlan for your life. He has created you wonderfully and fearfully for times such¬†as this. Are you willing to yield to His LifePlan for your life or to live life your way?

Are you willing to yield your life to God? Are you willing to say, “Not my will but your will Oh, Lord?”



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