Fully Surrendered Disciple Model

October 9, 2013


following the process

Eastside is committed to making Fully Surrendered Disciples who can in turn make Fully Surrendered Disciples (FSD). There is a very simple process, which we are utilizing to help us fulfill our vision: R + W + CP = FSD.

I will provide an overview of the process then in following posts I will share with you what we are learning and doing in each of these areas.

R = Reaching (in-reach and outreach). Most churches are either focused on one of these to the demise of the other.

W = Weekend Worship Experience. When one thinks of the weekend worship experience they equate this with the start of the music. We all know that one’s experience begins way before the band strikes up. When I make reference to the weekend worship experience, I am referring to the moment that one “steps” foot on our campus until the moment they leave our campus.

CP = Clear Path┬árefers to taking a lost person from lostness and shepherding them to being a FSD! This is the BIGGEST “itch” that most churches have. When I speak with church leaders from across the country our conversation always comes back to this need. Most church leaders really have a desire to see people move and to grow but literally don’t have the structure or the systems in place to make this a reality.

What is your model for making disciples? Is it holistic? What would you add to this model?


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