God Is At Work

July 23, 2010


Dear Friends:

The Word of God says in John 5: 17, (Jesus speaking) “My Father is always at His work….” In other words, God is on mission to accomplish world redemption. God will use Christians and churches that are open to His promptings. God is at ¬†work in many different ways in and through the life of Eastside Baptist. How is God at work? Here a few examples in no particular order:

1. Faith Promise Giving Emphasis: $100,000.00 in 6 months effort is going very well. We have almost $80k in pledges plus we have collected a little over $38,000.00 of this pledge money as well. Praise the Lord.

2. As of right now, we have already had 7 people/couples to step up to say I will lead or launch a new small group. God is at work! I am overwhelmed at the thoughts of seeing 100’s of people getting connected to God and receiving healing from either their hurts, hangups, or habits. A lot of ¬†people are going to be set free from their life’s hurts this Fall. I can’t wait to hear how God is going to be glorified. I really sense that God is going to be looking down on us this Fall full of smiles. Continue to pray for the additional 13 small groups so we can reach the goal of 20.

3. New people – we have more and more new people attending Eastside each week.

4. Nine children received Christ last evening at our VBS at Richmond Manor. Praise the Lord. Carla Perry and several different small groups worked together. Pray for them as they are in the process of trying to follow up with these children and their families.

5. Over 30 teenagers showed up for a youth fellowship on Wednesday Night. The excitement of the youth is so overwhelming to me.

6. A lot of people are interested in discipleship. I am launching several new discipleship groups this fall. If you are interested in learning more than contact me.

7. More people are moving up and assuming leadership roles in various ministries here at Eastside. The more people who steps up and leads the stronger and better the Kingdom of God grows.

How is God at work in your life? Your family’s life? Your small group? Marketplace?

Look forward to a great day on Sunday.

I love each one of you.

Be Obedient,

Pastor VG


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