God’s Generosity and Faithfulness

August 1, 2011


Dear Friends,

A couple example of God’s faithfulness and generosity:

Eastside’s Playground is now completed. This state-of-the-art playground is paid in full. We purchased $6,000.00 worth of materials (playground items, chain linked fence, drainage tile/ditch, and mulch). I would like to express a huge THANK YOU to our Tuesday Night Men’s Small Group who provided the labor for the build of the playground, 84 Lumber, Eades Fencing, Grant’s Excavating, and Ballard’s Furniture.








Eastside purchased a used 2010 church van this past week. We paid $22,504.00 for the van. This includes tax and licenses, etc. We paid $1,604 down on the van. We borrowed $20,900.00. We have a pledge from a family of $15,000.00 toward the van. They hope to fulfill their pledge by the end of the year. We have a balance of $5,900.00 that we need to pay off ASAP. By the way, we have already had a couple families to pledge money to get the van lettered/wrapped. If you are interested in helping with this balance then please make an online donation (go to www.eastside-cc.com and click on the red “Give Now” Button) or give a check on Sunday. Any amount would be helpful.

A friendly reminder that Eastside has online giving. Visit www.eastside-cc.com then click on the red button – “Give Now.” Since we launched this feature, on April 20, 2011, for the convenience of our church family we have experienced the following:

1. Twenty families have signed up to use this feature.
2. Eastside has received over $19,000.00 in online giving.



God’s Outreach Food Pantry is in desperate need of cans of Chicken Noodle Soup and Raviolis. Please bring them in ASAP for the backpack ministry. ¬†We need as many of these items as possible.


Love and prayers,

Pastor VG




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