Have You Stopped Learning?

June 3, 2015


“Real power is in the hands of the learning, not the learned.” —Ira Blumenthal

There are two kinds of people: dead and alive. The problem is that many of the dead ones are still driving!

People who are alive: 

  • are always growing and learning. They are committed to expanding their knowledge and character.
  • are committed to excellence. They continually refine and sharpen their skills.
  • are interesting. They ask great questions. And they listen!
  • have a sense of purpose. Their intensity and commitments are centered on how they want their lives to count. One of the clearest ways to gain a deeper sense of purpose is to go through the LifePlan™ Process. “Live the life you were meant to live” is at the heart of the LifePlan™ Process. What if you could learn what God has called you to do—your purpose here on earth? With the help of Virgil Grant, you can begin that journey. Through this intense two-day, one-on-one with Virgil, you will clearly define your life purpose, and learn to organize and balance around the life mission God has for you. It’s literally a process of discovery. And it’s all happening at Virgil’s personal residence. Click here for more information.
  • have a plan for continuing education
    • schedule an hour or two a week to read a book
    • take a class at a local college
    • learn a language
    • take up a new hobby, ask someone to teach them a new skill
    • become an expert on an interesting topic
    • become a student of the history of their community or region
    • take up a new sport
    • listen to podcasts and implement the principles

What would you add? Where are you not the continuum, dead or alive? What is your next step?

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