Have You Told God That?

July 7, 2010


Dear Prayer Partners,

Jesus clearly believed that prayer was very important. Jesus prayed about a lot of different situations which He faced. For example: (from John Ortberg’s book The Me I Want to Be)

  • Jesus prayed when His life was crowded and draining (Luke 5:15-16)
  • Jesus prayed when He faced important choices (Luke 6:12)
  • Jesus prayed when He was sad or burdened (Matt 14:13)
  • Jesus prayed when He needed strength for His work (Mark 1:35, 38)
  • Jesus prayed when He was concerned about people He loved (Luke 22:31)
  • Jesus prayed when He faced an insurmountable problem (Luke 22:39 – 24)

If Jesus prayed often and in almost any imaginable situation then we should offer our need, hurt, habit, or hang-up to God.

Whatever you are struggling with let me ask you a question, “Have you told God?” If not, then stop right now and tell Him what’s going on in your life.

Prayer & Need Requests:

  • Mayor Lawson needs a lounge chair for an elderly gentlemen who has hurt his leg. Contact the Mayor at 623-1000.
  • Madison Towers are in need of 2 full size ¬†mattresses for their residents. Contact Patsy Eaton at Madison Towers.
  • A family we know is in need of a FREE good reliable car. It’s a single mother and her daughter.
  • Traci & Joseph Bowling as they will be moving back to West Virginia. Traci does our interpreting for the deaf at Eastside.
  • New Small Group Leaders and small group members (presently we have 3 new small group leaders for the fall. We need only 17 more). Will YOU be one of Eastside’s New Small Group Leaders?
  • Continue to pray for the start of a deaf church in Madison County. Several churches along with the Kentucky Baptist Convention and the Tates Creek Association are trying to launch this endeavor.
  • $100,000.00 in 6 months Emphasis. A BIG THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has pledged, given, or is thinking about giving.
  • God’s Outreach Food Pantry of Madison County as they begin their new building.
  • Pray for Revival and spiritual awakening for our members, community, and country.

Pray without Ceasing,

Pastor VG


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