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May 5, 2010


Dear Friends,

I need to put the spotlight on several important agenda items for you:

1. This Saturday, May 8th, Eastside’s Guatemala Mission Team is having 2 huge fundraisers. We need yard sale items and for people to attend the Waffle Breakfast with all the trimmings.

2. Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Don’t forget to honor your mother, wife, and grandmother.

3. The Elder’s at Eastside has felt the prompting and leading of God to change the name of Eastside. I have written on this topic and shared my thoughts up to this Point. Click here to review the original announcement. Click on this link to see the names that I like.

Here are the “whys” for the name change:

  • Biblical Reason– Changing a name is nothing new to God and to the Word. Why were people given a new name in the Bible? God touched them and changed their hearts. The name change reflected the person’s new identity in God. Can you think of any people who experience a touch from God then had their name changed? (hint: Abram, Sari, Paul, Levi, Jacob, etc). We believe that Eastside has undergone a “heart transformation” over the last several years.
  • Salvation Reason– most people opposes labels and by going to a “community church” then we are eliminating another excuse for unchurched people so that we might win some to Jesus.  
  • Historical Reason– This is will be Eastside’s 4th name change in her history. Here are the progression of our name: Bethel Baptist Church to Eastside Bethel Baptist Church to Eastside Baptist Church. Eastside has always sought to be relevant.
  • Community Reason – Most people in Madison County sees/views us as a community church. The reason they do is because we are so involved in impacting the community.
  • DNA Reason– Eastside represents our location rather than our DNA. What name would best reflect our DNA? What name would best reflect who we are?

What are your thoughts? What questions or concerns do you have? Please contact Larry Taulbee at ltaul1@yahoo.com or chris.clark@homestoreky.com with your questions, concerns, or suggestions.

4. An AWESOME WORSHIP is being planned for this Sunday. More details forthcoming.

I love you guys. I am proud to be your pastor. Keep the faith and keep praying for one another.

Pastor VG


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